10 Things to do When You Visited in Lantau Island Hongkong

China is always having its own story as one of the big parts of human civilization, where every tourist will visit this country in order to know more about China. There is a lot of history about human civilization comes from China, where the place of Lantau Island is one of the prove that China has the greatest history in this world, there is a lot of things to do in Lantau Island once you visit this place for holiday cultural visit.

If you want to know more about China especially about its culture, you will need to visit most of the place that is having a great history of China. Most people who are come to China will visit this place in order to know about Chinese culture and people’s activity around this place, that can make you feel the real vacation in this country, by learning its history, culture, and also the people from your own perspective.

Things to do on Lantau Island


fishing in lantau island

Once you visit Lantau Island, there will be a lot of incredible things that you might like to see including to know about the culture. In this island there is a village where most people who live in this place are enjoy fishing in order to get the food in every day, this place named Tai O Fishing Village located in Lantau Village, you can do the same activity with the people around here to go fishing and enjoy your holiday trip.

As what we know that fishing is one of the activity, that can make you feel better when you have a very bad feeling, or even can boost your mood in a very hard situation. During your vacation, you might be want to feel a relaxing sensation to stay connected with the nature, fishing can be a solution for you that you may like to do in Lantau Island, do not forget to bring your family or your team to enjoy this fishing activity.

Cultural education

Cultural education in hongkong

Since this is one of the places that you must have to visit in China, most people will visit the fishing village to know more about the pre-colonial China, where most people there still doing the same activity with the past. Now, when you visit Lantau Island there will be a lot of cultural education that can lead you, to know more about how China can be one of the countries that are become a part of the human civilization.  

This cultural education is one of the most important tourism attraction in Lantau Island, since you will never know about how the culture or the way of people live in China, if you are never tried to enter this island. Until now most of the people from all around the world who visit China, never regret their visit to Lantau Island that become one of the best and great place in China for you to visit and enjoy your holiday.

Know more about history

historical education in hongkong

Almost all of the Asian country has a relatable history with China, that is why once you visit this place you will get to know anything that is related to Asia. Lantau Island has everything to explain about this, especially if you want to see about Chinese history until it can be a part of the greatest dragon in Asia, as one of the countries who are having great power and influence in terms of culture in Asia.

Hiking activity

hiking lantau island

There is a lot of hills in Lantau Island, that is means there is a lot of hiking track that you can try to explore in this place. Along the way you can see a lot of incredible things around you, there is also a lot of people who are enjoyed their activity around the track, they were looking for resources to eat that you can take a moment to take a picture of this activity, that can make your holiday full of incredible memory.

Except to get those advantages above, hiking activity is one of the best vocational planning for you to get a better quality of life especially to get a healthy body. Most people who were visit Lantau Island will never missed this trip, especially to get the best experience in this beautiful island, that you can see about its beauty from the top of the mountain during your hiking activity, which is unforgettable and memorable.

Ngong Ping Village

Most village in this place will show you the best architecture of Chinese culture, where you can see a lot of Chinese building that is become an icon of China. There is a lot of tourist spots around this village, several Chinese restaurants will provide you the best experience to know about the taste of Chinese food, they are also provided you a shopping place where the store will offer you a lot of souvenir about this island.  

If you missed this place during your visit to Lantau Island, you will always regret that you do not get the souvenir from one of the best place in this world, as one of the most beautiful place with a lot of visitor who would like to come and see its beauty. That is why buy the souvenir also to enjoy the food from the restaurant over here, is one of the best choice for you to spend your time in Lantau Island.

Tian Tian Buddha

Tian Tian Buddha

This is one of the must place to visit when you were in Lantau Island, as one of the iconic of a majestic place in China. Where you can see the big statue, as one of the majestic statue in China especially for the people in this island, in total this place reach around the 122 feet tall, where the visitors must climb around 268 steps to reach the top, that you need extra power to get on top of this majestic place.

You might feel tired because of hiking many of step on the stairs, but all of the tired will always be paid by the beauty that you can see from the top of this place. The beauty of nature and Chinese culture, will give you the best view and experience during your vacation in China, that is why you should have not miss this activity during your stay in this island specially to have a great holiday experience in China.

Po Lin Monastery

Po Lin Monastery

Knowing as a place to learn Buddhist, you will have a great experience once you visit this Po Lin Monastery in Lantau Island. This building has the greatest value about Chinese culture, inside of the building there is a prayer hall, shrines, courtyards, garden, and a scripture library, where you can learn more about Buddhist in this place, that would provide you the best experience for your holiday in China.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

Near Lantau Island, you can directly come to visit Hong Kong Disneyland as a place where most of the tourist that is come to China would like to visit. You can see a lot of incredible things around this place, start from the attraction provided by Disneyland, also to meet the Disney character that can make you feel like you are staying in Disney, they provide you a lot of tourist attraction to enjoy by every visitor.

This place is one of the very great location for you to visit in China, most people in this world already know that Disneyland is one of the most beautiful place for tourist attraction. If you cannot visit the Disneyland in United States, you can come to China and enjoy your trip at China Disneyland to enjoy a lot of tourism attraction also a lot of activity, that can give you the best experience in Disneyland China.

Pink dolphin view

Pink dolphin view

China has a big part of the ocean where you can explore once you visit this country, to make your holiday feel as incredible and unforgettable. One of the oceanic tours in China is the pink dolphin view, as one of the dolphin-spotting tours that you can book several days or month before you came to China, this is one of the most popular places for every visitor to China, as one of the things to do on Lantau Island.

Silvermine bay beach

Silvermine bay beach

Compare to another beach in Hong Kong, Silvermine is always one of the places that can provide you the best holiday trip which is unspoiled and uncrowded. You can do a lot of activity in this place with your family or your beloved one, most people will do several activities such as volleyball, camping, and barbequing, while you can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset in this place to make it more romantic.

China will never stop to provide you the best memory to enjoy your holiday in this country, as a visitor you can always be accepted in every tourism places here including in Lantau Island. Knowing about everything that you can do in this island, you must have a general overview about the conditions that are happening around the place, there is a lot of things to do on Lantau Island that you must regret if you ignore it.

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