10 Best Place Visit Attractions in Hongkong 2019

There is a beautiful place in the big giant country of China, Hong Kong is one of the best places to visit in China while you need a great vacation in Asia. There is a lot of visit attraction Hong Kong that you cannot miss, most people who came to China for a holiday would have to feel empty if they cannot visit this place, that is why the first place for you to visit while you are in China, is come to visit Hong Kong directly.

Most people know that China is always full of people, which means that almost every tourist spots will be crowded as it is full of travelers from all around the world. In this situation, you will need to prepare a lot of things since the crowded will make you have a limited air to breathe then you will need a lot of water to consume, especially when you are visiting China in the summer day which is quite hot for you.

Best Visit Attraction Hong Kong for Travelers

Star Ferry

Star Ferry hongkong

This tourist attraction would be better for you who are like to know about Chinese culture, that can take you way back in 1880 from the history of China. This ferry will sail across Victoria Harbour that is having a great history about China, not only about the history you can also see the beauty of China from the mountains beyond, that could be seen once you were sailing on this ferry, for having the most incredible holiday.

Now, you can enjoy your educational vacation in Hong Kong as one of the best historical place in this world, there is no body who does not know Hong Kong in China. Many people would like to come into this place and enjoy this tourism activity, just to know about how can Chinese people awake from its past after a lot of war that was came in to this country before, now they can survive as one of the great country.

Temple street night market

Temple street night market

Knowing about China is not only to know all the things in its history, but you can also learn another country history from its food also the way their people enjoy their life. The night market is one of the places for you to have the greatest experience while you were in China, to enjoy a lot of Chinese food also to looking for a lot of souvenir from China, that can bring you back to the history of China civilization couple of years ago.

In this market you are not only enjoyed about the Chinese culture from everything that is sold by the people, but also you can enjoy a lot of Chinese food that you can taste about the oriental Chinese food. Mostly people who came to China would like to know the taste of Chinese food, that they can be able to know about the characteristic from every district or region in China, just only from the taste of its food.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak hongkong

This place knowing as one of the highest points in Hong Kong, that becomes one of the most iconic tourist attraction in China. Now, you can enjoy the view of Hong Kong from the skyline, the fresh air also the beautiful view of Hong Kong can hypnotize the visitor to come on top of this place, even that it is would be exhausted but you can enjoy the beauty and the greatest view of Hong Kong after all.

If you think that this place would be dangerous to visit, this is might be one of the wrong perspective that you have every think about. This place is quite safe for you to visit, that you can see the beauty of Hong Kong from the top of Victoria Peak, this is also quite safe for you as a visitor that there is never be a story which someone of falling from the top of it, that is why this is one of the most important place for you to visit.

Ladies market

Ladies market hongkong

Most woman who liked to travel, will not be going to have a great holiday if they do not buy something such as makeup, or any traditional stuff from the market that can be useful for them. In this market you can see a very long way of people who are selling their goods, this is good for a woman who is come to visit this market, start from the clothes until the make-up you can find it here with the variety of prices.

As a gentleman you always want that your wife to be happy in everyday, once you and your wife visit China do not forget to take her to Ladies Market in Hong Kong. If you do not want to go with your wife to visit this place, you can do another tips that can help you to enjoy your holiday, drop your wife in this ladies’ market then do not forget to leave some money, and you can enjoy to spend your quality time over there.

Tian Tian Buddha

Tian Tian Buddha

Once you arrived in Hong Kong for the educational holiday, you may like to visit Tian Tian Buddha temple located in Hong Kong as the big city in China. There is a lot of Chinese history that you can learn from this place, many visitors feel impressed with the culture and history that is provided in this place, you can also see the Chinese civilization from this place that may bring you back at the time of ancient China history.

Ancient China is always become a great thing to learn about, since almost a half of human civilization was come from China that you might want to know about its history. In this Tian Tian Buddha, you can know about China from its religion as a great and old Buddhist temple in China, that is why once you visit this place you can always remember about the beauty of Chinese culture, including the nature of this place.

Wan Chai Heritage Trail

Wan Chai Heritage Trail

This place will provide you a trip to enjoy China, where you may like to visit a lot of tourist spots along the way from the trip. This trip will take around 2 hours of walking, there is a lot of historic site along this place start from the Blue House, Pak Tai Temple, the Old Post Office, and the Wan Chai Market, that you can visit directly by enjoying this trip, as one of the must-visit tourist attraction while you were in Hong Kong.

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay hongkong

Located in the Southern part of Hong Kong as one of the Georges beaches, this place would provide you the best nature from the beautiful beach. This place named after the battle in 19th century, where the British army repelled invading pirates, which most of the place in China has the greatest history that can take you back, to know about how Chinese civilization can change and growing up until now that is better.

The war history will never be easy to forgot, this is something that most people will always be remember about to know about the history of its country. That is why Chinese people will always remember the story that happen in Repulse Bay, you can know the reason of why is this perspective happen and always be protected by Chinese people.

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery

If you like to know more about Chinese culture, you may like to visit this place which contains more than 10.000 buddha’s statues. This place located on a hilltop high in the Sha Tin countryside, as one of the majestic place here you can have to know about the religious side of China, once you like to visit this place every visitor must have to step for more than 400 steps stairway to the top and enjoy the view of statues.

Nathan Road

Nathan Road

The best place where you can find a lot of tourist visit attraction Hong Kong, this road will provide you a lot of tourism place including the shopping center. That is why this road is always crowded and full of people who are walking, or even enjoy the rides in Hong Kong to know about a lot of things around this Nathan Road, this is one of the must visit place when you are traveling in China.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

As we know that Disneyland spread over several countries, China is one of the countries where Disneyland is located in Hong Kong. You can enjoy a lot of tourism attraction over here, this place might be crowded if you like to visit in the high seasons, that you will need to prepare a lot of things that can make you enjoy all of the activity around this place. Hongkong Disneyland is the good choice destination when you visited in Lantau Island Hongkong

Most people who already visit China, they would say that Hong Kong had a lot of incredible things also the places that can be forgotten while they are away at home. The numbers of visit attraction Hong Kong can make you feel like you are waiting to come again to China, this country has its own characteristic that is different from another country in Asia

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