8 Best Iconic Visit Attractions in Shanghai China

Shanghai is the second largest city in China except for Hong Kong, this place having a lot of incredible story for China including about the human civilization for China. Talk about Shanghai, for those of you who would like to visit this city, you may like to know about tourist visit attraction in Shanghai that can give you everything you need to know about China, you may see also see the difference between this city.

Shanghai has a lot of things that can offer a very unforgettable moment for tourist in China, this is one of the biggest tourism city. Once you arrived in Shanghai, you can see the difference between this city, with another city in China that is having a very big different way of life, that is why if you want to know more about China, it is not good for you to visit only one city and Shanghai is one of the much visit city in China.

Tourists Visit Attraction in Shanghai

Propaganda Poster Art Center

Propaganda Poster Art Center

Take back to the history of China, this place will give you a lot of things that you need to know about China in the middle of the 20th century. This historic place is located in the basement of a nameless apartment building, that you can always visit in every time to see about this history, you can have a lot of more information about how the people of China, having a protest to its government about all of the communist.

As what we know that the 20th century is the time for every country to face the reality, after the awakening from the world war II. This history also happens in China, which at that time the communist party in China has a protest from its citizen, that is why you as a visitor must visit this place to know what is really happening in this place, including the reason behind the situation that happen at that time in history.


Qibao shanghai

Shanghai did provide a very different offer with another city in China, including the tourist attraction that may be amazed for you in order to know more about China. Qibao is known as one of the places, where there is a channel nearby this place that most people will come into this place for hunting a street food as if you are in China and come to Shanghai this city will always have a great taste for every Chinese food.

There is nothing much more interesting activity that you can enjoy in China, mostly the tourism activity is about to enjoy the nature including to know about its history that happen in one place. During you enjoy your time in this place, the channel has a really great view from the nature of China, you can also enjoy your time during your holiday here to know the taste of Chinese food that would be very tasty to eat.

Taikang Road

Taikang Road

As a traveler you may like to buy something that can be a memory for you, once you already back to your country, as one of the unforgettable places that you have ever visit in your life. This place is one of the districts in this city, a couple of times ago this place has changed into one of the tourist visit attraction in Shanghai, where there is a lot of a shopping, dining, and craft district for you to buy a souvenir.

This place is very suitable for a woman who are visiting China, they can enjoy all the times in this place for one day just to buy the souvenir and a lot of stuff. This place is one of the best shopping place in Shanghai, not only for woman there is also a lot of things for man that you both can enjoy your activity in this old district, which is now already changed to become one of the shopping center also the tourism place.

Fuxing Park


This place is known as one of the favorite places for Chinese seniors to hang out, they are enjoyed to stay in this largest park in Shanghai for a long time. Most of them can play cards, mahjong, or writing poetry with giant calligraphy brushes, which you can take a moment to visit this park also take a picture as one of the beautiful moment, for every Chinese adult to have a really good time in the Fuxing Park.

If you came to China and takes your parents, you may like to bring them to visit this place that they can enjoy their time in a very beautiful place. There is also a lot of people among their ages who enjoy their times over here, they can communicate with the people around by playing together, in this place also they will feel a happiness by enjoying the best view from the beautiful flower in this large garden.

lujiazuki skyline

lujiazuki skyline

This place is surrounded by the urban jungle, that you can ever forget this experience when you visit Shanghai, not only in Hong Kong that Shanghai also has a skyline view from the skyscraper. No need to be afraid if you would like to enjoy a holiday in this place, that you can see how the beauty of China from the top of Shanghai view, by the view of urban Chinese jungle that can give you the unforgettable memory.

You will never know how the feeling of regret if you cannot visit this place, that is why once you visit China especially Shanghai do not forget to include this tourism place in your itinerary schedule. If you do not visit this place as one of the very famous place in the world, you will always regret it since most people will ask you that you have ever come into this place during your holiday in China especially Shanghai.


If you like to enjoy the artistic view from the urban China, you may like to visit this place as one of the best and famous place in Shanghai China. In this place you may enjoy your time to take a picture, from the city’s best art gallery that most of the wall here are drawn by the best combination of artistic painting, you can enjoy your time by taking a picture of it, that can give you the best experience during your holiday.

China will always have everything that you need to know also that you need to have during your holiday, which it is only about you to choose the best destination that can fulfill your desire. One place that you should never forget about is the M2O as one of the most favorite place for the tourist in China, that is why you may like to know about it by taking a picture from the best artistic painting in the city of China.

Yu Garden

Yu Garden shanghai china

China is always having a great place for you to know about the history of it, including about the history of one place that maybe now you are staying over there. The very first place or garden that you may like to enjoy your time over there is at Yu Garden, maybe you are often watch the Chinese movie or drama at your home, this place is one of the best place for taking the scene during the making of the movie.

The classical Chinese building that you can enjoy over there to take a picture of it, then it can be one of the best memory for you to come into a very famous place in China. Not only about the building, in this place you can also enjoy your time to eat a very tasty street food that you can see them in all around the way for you to visit this garden, that is why do not ever forget to include this place into your itinerary schedule.

Caojiadu bird and flower market

Caojiadu bird and flower market

Caojiadu bird and flower market is one of the famous place in China, where you can enjoy your holiday by knowing the flower that is came from China. There is a lot of beautiful flower that you may like to see, or even you can buy it to get it home and give it to your friends, family, or your beloved one, this place also will not sell the flower with a high price, almost all flower over here have a cheap price for you.

Except all of the flower that you may like to find in this place, you can also enjoy your time to see the variety of bird that is sold in this place. This is something that most of the tourist like to get, that they want to have or get the variety of bird that they can buy in this place, the bird also having a very cheap price rather than you need to buy in another country.

There is a lot of unforgettable place in Shanghai that can make you want to come back again; this is what a special from China which you cannot resist it. Today, you can see a very big difference in China, including the way of life from its people that mostly different with the past, their history is a part of the best tourist visit attraction in Shanghai that can make you realize the beauty of China.

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